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  • Opening times: 08:00 - 19:00
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  • Shirt price: £2.40
  • Typical turnaround: 24 hours


  • Opening times: 07:00 - 22:00
  • Days open: 7/7 days
  • Shirt price: £2.20
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Looking For a Dry Cleaners Near You? ZipJet Picks Up & Delivers!

Are you asking yourself "where can I find the best quality dry cleaners near me?" - well look no further because you've found it! The best part about it is that ZipJet comes to you, so you don't have to even search for the next closest dry cleaners in your area. The most delicate garments in your wardrobe need a special washing treatment, and finding the right dry cleaner near you in London can be tough. Even when you do find one, it’s still a hassle to go back and forth spending most of your spare time queuing and dragging your clothes through the busy London streets. And who wants to spend their free time doing that? With ZipJet it's as simple as clicking "order now" on our free app or right here on our website. All you have to do is select convenient 30-minute time slots that fit into your schedule, and we'll handle the rest. We will pickup, clean and delivery your freshly dry cleaned clothes back to you in as little as 6 hours! We are open 7 days a week and can be at your door in as little as one hour after you place your order. Now that's what we call on-demand dry cleaning! Our premium next day dry cleaning service has simplified the lives of thousands of Londoners. So remember the next time your looking for "dry cleaners near me" in your area, there's only one choice that should come to mind, ZipJet!

London dry cleaners near me

Why Use ZipJet?

zipjet saves you water
Save Water

When you order with ZipJet you will save over 4,500 litres of water per year.

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Save Electricity

Thanks to ZipJet, you will save more than 70kWH of electricity per year.

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Save Time

Most importantly you can save 9 months over your lifetime by not doing laundry or ironing.

What Our Customers Say

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“I never enjoyed laundry. Thankfully, I found ZipJet, and don't have to even have to think about doing laundry anymore.”

dry cleaning & laundry pick up and delivery

“ZipJet really makes my life a lot easier. Drivers are punctual, good prices and the ironing quality is perfect.”

same day dry cleaning and laundry

“ZipJet's laundry service is simple and reliable. Now I don't have to waste time ironing on the weekends!”

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ZipJet: London Dry Cleaners Around You

Dry Cleaners Near Me London

ZipJet is your dry cleaners near you. We also offer a mobile laundry service option where you can have your clothing washed and ironed, and for everyday items we provide a wash and fold service. Here at ZipJet we aim to take care of all your clothes washing needs so you can focus on the things that really matter in life, rather than laundry! We have washed over 300,000 clothing items, which goes to show that our customers are happy and trust our service. Our most popular clothing items that we wash include shirts, pants, dresses, suits, and jackets. We also clean bedding, duvets, and towels. We constantly monitor all our facilities to make sure they meet all of our quality standards. We already know know that you search for "dry cleaners near you," but do you know how dry cleaning works? Your clothing will go through the dry clean cycle with special solvents that actually don't make the clothing completely wet. Hence, "dry" clean. Essentially it is a larger washing machine without water. The solvents mix with your clothing, which loosens the fabric and lifts the dirt and smells from your clothing. During the solvent extraction period, there is a light heat applied to the load which then tightens the fabrics back to their original state. The solvents are very gentle with all fabrics. The process is so gentle, that the solvents can clean a tissue. Our dry cleaners service is London wide including: Battersea, Brixton, Camden, Canary Wharf, Hammersmith, Kensington, Soho, Southwark, Victoria, Westminster, Wimbledon, and more. Try our high quality London dry cleaning service today!

Our Laundry & Dry Cleaning Prices

Wash & fold and per item:
Our drivers bring you a matching laundry bag for each cleaning option.
Dry Cleaners in London

With our Per Item service, your items will be processed individually, ironed, and returned as per your specification (folded or on a hanger).

  • Shirt on hanger
  • Blouse
  • 2 Suits
Laundry Service London

With our Wash & Fold service, your items are washed at 30 degrees, tumbled dry, and folded ready for your wardrobe.

  • 8kg Wash & Fold
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