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Dry Cleaning London

  • Free Collection & delivery
  • SPECIAL: Shirt prices now from £2
  • Get £10 off your first order with code SE10L

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Attractive Prices
Attractive Prices

Free pick-up & delivery to your home or office

Quick turnaround
Quick turnaround

24h delivery available with Express


Pick-up & delivery times from 6a.m. to 9p.m.

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  • Opening hours: 08:00 - 19:00
  • Open: 5 days a week
  • Price per shirt: £2.70
  • Typical turnaround: 36 hours
  • Opening hours: 07:00 - 22:00
  • Open: 7 days a week
  • Price per shirt from: £2.00
  • Zipjet Express™ 24 hour service
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Our On Demand London Dry Cleaning Service

Tired of wasting precious time with a trip to the dry cleaners? We've all done it, but now there's an even easier way, all at the push of a button. Zipjet is your on demand dry cleaning service in London. We will pick up, clean and deliver your dry clean items to your home in as little as 24 hours! That means you have more free time to do what you like to do during the day, or save time after work by being able to go directly home. And let's face it, who doesn't want that?! All you have to do is select convenient pick up and drop off times that fit around your schedule and we'll handle the rest. When you choose our London dry clean service, we will also take down any special requests you may have such as stain removal, pressing or ironing, and trouser creases. Our most popular dry cleaning items include suits, dresses, and bedding. If necessary cushions and cushion covers can also be cleaned. Need to dry clean your winter coat and preserve it over the summer? No Problem! In as little as 24 hours you can have your freshly cleaned coat back in your wardrobe, ready for the next winter. Zipjet supports local dry cleaners around London and constantly monitors the quality to ensure a first-class cleaning. Our service is available across London. Our prices are fixed and vary depending on the item. All dry cleaning prices include an ironing and/or pressing. Try our on-demand London dry clean service today!

Dry Clean London

Get £10 OFF your first order with the code SE10L

Why should I use Zipjet?

zipjet saves you water
Save water

When you order with Zipjet, you'll save over 4,500 litres of water a year

save electricity with zipjet
Save electricity

Thanks to Zipjet, you'll save more than 70kWH of electricity a year

get more free time when you use zipjet
Save time

Most importantly, you can save 9 months over your lifetime by not doing laundry or ironing

How much does dry cleaning cost?

tie dry cleaning

Good question, the pricing of the dry cleaning can vary greatly. Many people choose dry cleaning for more expensive clothing, such as anything delicate or intricate. For this reason, dry cleaning requires time and attention. Often, standard dry cleaners will charge a high price for this service, but at Zipjet - taking great care of clothes is what we do. Our fair pricing reflects the great Zipjet service London has come to love. For a full breakdown, refer to our comprehensive price list.

Or scroll down to see pricing for our more common items.

Our dry cleaning & laundry prices

We provide two laundry bags, one for each of our cleaning options
Ironed Laundry & Dry Cleaning

Priced per item, our Ironed Laundry & Dry Cleaning option is for individual cleaning. Items are washed or dry cleaned as appropriate, ironed & delivered folded or on hangers

  • Men's Shirts
    from £2.00
  • Trousers
    from £6.00
Folded Laundry

Priced per bag, our Folded Laundry option is for your everyday laundry. Items are washed at 30°C, gently tumble dried and folded neatly for delivery

  • 1x Folded Laundry bag (8kg)
See the full price list here

But what is dry cleaning?

The dry cleaning process is very similar to a domestic washing machine, only it uses chemical solvents instead of water. The solvents that are used by most dry cleaners include tetrachloroethylene and perchloroethylene, or perc. Perc has become popular among dry cleaners because it is great a removing stains and is safe for many fabrics and dyes.

There are four stages to the dry cleaning process:

  1. wash cycle - the solvent mixes with the clothes, removing dirt and oders
  2. rinse cycle - clothing is rinsed with a fresh chemical
  3. extraction cycle - solvents are drained from the drum, filtered, and recycled for later use
  4. dry cycle - light heated is applied to dry the items

Synthetic materials such as rayon, silk, and polyester are the most commonly dry cleaned, but also other delicate fabrics are often dry cleaned, because the practice is more gentle than a washing machine. This option is also great for hand wash items. The most popular dry clean items include suits, decorative dresses, trousers and bedclothes. The objects suggested under bedclothes include duvet covers, blankets, and throws. Many garments and items can be cleaned, but it is usually recommended to clean the most delicate items with dry cleaning. We recommend to check the clothing label inside the garment to see specific cleaning instructions.