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Mobile Canary Wharf Dry Cleaners & Laundrette Service

  • Free collection & delivery
  • 30 minute timeslots
  • Clothes returned in as little as 6h!
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  • Opening hours: 08:00 - 19:00
  • Open: 5 days a week
  • Price per shirt: £2.40
  • Typical turnaround: 24 hours


  • Opening hours: 07:00 - 22:00
  • Open: 7 days a week
  • Price per shirt: £2.20
  • Zipjet Express™ 6 hour service
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ZipJet: On-demand Canary Wharf Dry Cleaners

Canary Wharf Dry Cleaners & Laundrette Service

Hi Canary Wharf residents and workers! Did you know recent statistics show that in the UK the dry cleaning service industry is increasing yearly? So how can you know which Canary Wharf dry cleaners has the best service, highest quality, and of course, is the most convenient? Well, it's easy! The one that blends the best of both worlds of course: ZipJet! We are revolutionizing the dry cleaning world. We provide a high quality Canary Wharf dry cleaners delivery service which allows you to choose convenient pickup and delivery times for your cleaning using our laundry app or right here on our website. ZipJet provides you with a very fast dry clean service! All of the garments that you clean with us are insured throughout their journey. We pickup, dry clean, and deliver your clothing back to you the very next day: whether that’s to your home or your office. But – and here is where we have the edge over traditional Canary Wharf dry cleaners: you can coordinate the pickup and the delivery for a time that suits you best, in flexible 30 minute time slots. Use the most out of your free time and let ZipJet handle your dry cleaning!

Our Professional Canary Wharf Dry Clean Pickup & Delivery Service

As we cater for the time pressed customer, we draw on decades of expertise in the dry cleaning world to ensure that every garment is cleaned with the utmost professional skill and care. If your garments are made from special or delicate fabrics, we will always take that into account as we are experienced in handling all kinds of clothing and fabric materials. From small items like expensive ties to old, heirloom suits, we ensure that each and every item that passed through our Canary Wharf dry cleaners service is treated with love and attention. When you are seeking a dry cleaning service in Canary Wharf that you can trust every time, then ZipJet is the only choice. Not only do we handle your dry clean clothing, but we also provide a laundry service. But how does dry cleaning work? When you send your garments to our Canary Wharf dry clean service we put your clothing in a large dry cleaning drum. Your clothing will go through the normal dry clean cycle with special solvents that actually don't make the coat completely wet. Hence, "dry" clean. The clothing will be rotated at low speeds mixing the solvents with your clothing, which loosens the fabric and essentially lifts the dirt and smells from your clothing. During the solvent extraction period, there is a light heat applied to the load which then tightens the fabrics to there original state. The solvents are very gentle with all fabrics. We'll be able to take out stains and process any special requests you may have. Our mobile dry cleaning service is also available in Canary Wharf's neighbouring boroughs of Southwark and Tower Hamlets

Canary Wharf Dry Cleaners App

Why should I use Zipjet?

zipjet saves you water
Save water

When you order with Zipjet, you'll save over 4,500 litres of water a year

save electricity with zipjet
Save electricity

Thanks to Zipjet, you'll save more than 70kWH of electricity a year

get more free time when you use zipjet
Save time

Most importantly, you can save 9 months over your lifetime by not doing laundry or ironing

Get £10 OFF your first order with the code SE10L

ZipJet’s Mobile Laundrette Canary Wharf Service

Mobile Canary Wharf Laundrette Service

ZipJet also provides an on-demand laundrette service in Canary Wharf! Our online laundry pickup and delivery service offers you more free time to get on with the things that are most important to you, instead of having to deal with the mundane task of laundry. What do we mean? Well, all you have to do is click above on the "order now" button, or use or FREE App, and with a few taps of a finger, your laundry will be done! In Canary Wharf, we collect your laundry, wash, a deliver back to your doorstep in as little as 6 hours! Think about it, now there is no reason to go down to your local Canary Wharf laundrette and carry your heavy laundry bag around the area. Or, if you have a never ending laundry pile, with just a click you can have ZipJet pick it up in as little as one hour! Like our dry cleaning service, all you have to do is choose convenient pick up and drop-off times that fit around your schedule and we'll handle the rest! ZipJet offers both wash and fold & launder and iron laundry services, to take care of all your washing needs. Wash and fold usually consists of everyday clothing such as jeans, skirts, t-shirts, socks, and underwear. Our wash and iron service is perfect for dress shirts and blouses. You can even make special requests to our staff when they arrive to collect your laundry bag. Your items will be washed at 30 degrees Celsius, tumbled dry on low heat, and folded nicely, or perfectly ironed, in order to easily pack them away into your wardrobe. As with so many other areas of life these days, laundry has become a very easy job, well, that is, if you take advantage of ZipJet's Canary Wharf laundrette pickup service.

ZipJet's Dry Cleaner & Laundrette Service In Canary Wharf

Our dry cleaning and laundrette service can be used throughout Canary Wharf. Which ever office building you work in, we are there to take the dry cleaning and laundry off your hands. As stated before, our Canary Wharf dry clean and laundry pickup and delivery service is perfect for those have busy lives. With your newfound free time, you can take a longer lunch break and enjoy dockland, or go have a look in on one of your financial competitors such as J.P. Morgan or HSBC. You could even enjoy a lovely stroll in Jubilee Park. Either way ZipJet is there to give you more free time. Remember we are the revolutionizer of laundry aiming to help our customers to enjoy their lives and take a bit of the financial stress away.

Our dry cleaning & laundry prices

We provide two laundry bags, one for each of our cleaning options
Ironed Laundry & Dry Cleaning

Priced per item, our Ironed Laundry & Dry Cleaning option is for individual cleaning. Items are washed or dry cleaned as appropriate, ironed & delivered folded or on hangers

  • Shirt on hanger
  • Dress
  • 2 Suits
Folded Laundry

Priced per bag, our Folded Laundry option is for your everyday laundry. Items are washed at 30°C, gently tumble dried and folded neatly for delivery

  • 1x Folded Laundry bag (8kg)
See the full price list here

Need Same Day Dry Cleaning in Canary Wharf?

same day dry cleaning canary wharf

Need to get your laundry and dry cleaning done, but you're stuck in the office? We've all had that "uh-oh" moment, when we open our wardrobe and see that there's no clean clothing. What's worse is that you know that that laundry pile isn't going to wash itself. Whether you're pressed for time or need your clothing for an important occasion, our same day dry cleaning service for Canary Wharf is the perfect solution! With ZipJet's express dry cleaning Canary Wharf service, you can have your clothing cleaned in no time. What other London laundry and dry cleaning pick up and delivery services offer such a fast turnaround? Our convenient Canary Wharf same day laundry service is tailored to your convenience. All you have to do is place your laundry or dry clean order before 12 midday, and we can deliver your freshly cleaned items back to you as early as 6 pm. Not to mention when you place your order, we can be there in as little as 1 hour in a pre-chosen 30-minute timeslot of your choice, no matter where you are. If you prefer, we can pick up your clothing from your home in the morning and deliver your fresh clothing to your office in the evening. Now that's what we call a first class service! Both your dry cleaning and laundry items will be insured throughout their journey with us. If you need a suit for an important evening dinner, just place your order in the morning from your home, and in as little as 6 hours you could have your freshly cleaned suit delivered directly to you. Running tight on time and the family laundry just seems impossible to get done, just send all your wash & fold items with us in the morning and get your fresh clothing by 6 pm. Just make sure to select the "Express" service class when placing your order and we'll handle the rest! A same day dry cleaning service has never been so easy.